Hot Summer, Cool Produce

With the heat index in the 100s in the South and new record high temperatures, this is one exhausting summer. On the bright side, summer is the best time of the year to reap all the fresh vegetables and fruits that are in season, like blueberries, cherries, cucumbers, and tomatoes. The thought of summer food is always a colorful vision of gleaming vegetables and fruit. I reprised a trip to a blueberry farm this month and the berries were a bright navy blue. They were sweet and delicious as always. Also, the local farmers’ markets are bursting at the seams with many vegetables and fruits. It is so easy to get fresh in the south it seems silly not to. Most fruits and vegetables can be eaten raw by the handful, but when you cook with them, you can make it cool in juxtaposition to the scorching summer. For vegetables, salad is always a must when you can spruce it up so vividly, and for fruits, smoothies and parfaits are simple and yummy, but a strawberry cheesecake made with local dairy products can really make the day.IMG_0272


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