Food in the “News” – Cake Wrecks

Stephanie Jane Carter

In the spirit of our sweet theme this month, it seems impossible to ignore one of our favorite food sites, Cake Wrecks.  Celebrating professional cakes gone horribly wrong, the site was full of new wrecks for Veterans’ Day.  Since we cannot do the site justice (pun intended) here, in the name of “Amercia” (that is not a typo), visit this site.

Perhaps a few of you remember an issue of SoFAB Monthly last November that poked a little fun at Baskin Robbins’ turkey-shaped cake.  We forgot about it, but Cake Wrecks did not.  They have a photo of the way it was advertised and a photo of the purchased product.  It’s a wreck, but amusing.


One Response to “Food in the “News” – Cake Wrecks”

  1. November 2009 | Southern Food and Beverage Museum Says:

    […] Food in the “News” – Cake Wrecks […]

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