Annual Letter from the SoFAB President

The traditional President’s letter at the beginning of each year is usually a look back at the previous year – reviewing accomplishments and activities.  We certainly could do this.  We had a remarkable year. 2009 allowed us to name the Louisiana Gallery after noted Creole chef, Leah Chase.  We were visited by many notable chefs such as Leah Chase, Susan Spicer, Mario Batali, John Folse, Emeril Lagasse, Tenney Flynn, Adolpho Garcia, Frank Davis, Andrea Apuzzo, Poppy Tooker, and scholars such as Anthony Stanonis, Paul Freedman, Lawrence Powell, and writers such as John T. Edge, Sara Roahen, Kit Wohl, Betty Fussell, Judy Walker, Ian McNulty, and artists and photographers such as Rise Ochsner, David Gallent, Natalie Root, Jackson Hill, and Matt Noel and all of the distinguished and accomplished members of our Board of Directors.  We were also visited by the Lee Brothers.  We also hosted school children, the elderly, wonderful interns and interested visitors.

But we cannot rest on our laurels. It is also a time to look ahead to 2010.  We have some exciting things planned – a fun king cake exhibit in February, from Acadian to Cajun in March, a special celebration in April with the Oxford American and Cornbread Nation 5, a food and music festival in Dijon, France in July, a symposium in late September, our annual gala, and so many more things.  As we speed toward the completion of our second year it begins to feel like we are becoming the institution that we had all imagined and that is very satisfying.  It is also a frightening.  Thanks to all of you who took a leap of faith to support us when we were an idea.  Thanks to all who are supporting us today.  We welcome your ideas, your artifacts, your books and menus. Join us on our journey.


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One Response to “Annual Letter from the SoFAB President”

  1. Rosie Barron Says:

    Congratulations, Liz, and all of you who work on SoFaB. I much appreciate your newsletter and just wish I were a couple of thousand miles closer to your fabulous city so that I could join in with you in reality!

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