Interested in Collecting Old Cocktail Shakers?

Seminar on Bar Ware Collecting Occurs on Wednesday, July 21

By Chris Smith

“The History of Bar Tools and Barware from the 1800s to Today” will occur from 3 to 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday, July 21 at the Southern Food and Beverage Museum in Riverwalk Marketplace.

The event is sponsored by Tales of the Cocktail in conjunction with SoFAB and the Museum of the American Cocktail, which is located inside SoFAB.

Author and collector Jim Walker will moderate a panel which includes collectors Mark Bigler and Dale DeGroff, Greg Boehm and Michael Silvers. It is sponsored by Mud Puddle Books.

Jim Walker began to collect cocktail shakers and barware in 1995, though he originally just wanted a cocktail shaker to make his own dirty Martinis. He asked a friend and antique dealer if she could find one. After she invited him to see her art deco collection of shakers, he said “It was all over.”

His collection started with recipe cocktail shakers and expanded to all forms of shakers and barware. With more than 500 shakers, more than 100 martini glasses, and hundreds of pieces of bar ware, he says “there is not a flat surface in my house that does not have a cocktail shaker or piece of barware on it.”

Mark Bigler is a contributor to the Museum of the American Cocktail and artifacts from his collection have been displayed in museums in the United States. He has served as a source of cocktail information for feature articles including Forbes, Life, Bon Appetit, Country Living and Stuff Magazine. Collecting information appears on his website:

Greg Boehm is the owner of Mud Puddle Books and, a site for the purchase of high quality barware, books and bitters. The Mud Puddle publishing program ranges from authentic reproductions of the great vintage cocktail books to modern titles. His office in New York City is open by appointment; it serves as a working research library and also houses his collection of his antique barware and spirits.

Dale DeGroff is a founding partner of Beverage Alcohol Resource, a partnership of six spirits and cocktails authorities who provide training and credentialing in distilled spirits and mixology. His industry awards include: the 2009 James Beard Wine & Spirits Professional Award; the 2009 Lifetime Achievement Award from Nightclub & Bar Magazine; 2008 TOTC Helen David Lifetime Achievement Award; and the 2007 Cheers Beverage Industry Innovator of the Year with his partners, for Beverage Alcohol Resource.

Michael Silvers is the founder of uberbartools™. Following a traditional university business education in Sydney, Australia, Silvers parlayed 25 years of consumer and retail product experience and applied these to his specialist design and manufacturing company ProDesign. Silvers says he is constantly bending the rules of the possible by creating imaginative bar tools that “can and do make a difference.”

For more information about the seminar contact SoFAB at 504-569-0405 or

For more information about the Museum of the American Cocktail, visit

For more information about Tales of the Cocktail, visit



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