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From the Director’s Desk

August 5, 2010

By Liz Williams

Liz Williams, SoFAB Director

August is going to be a terrific month at SoFAB.  Of course, it all starts with our spectacular Tailgating Party on August 8.  Besides the very special riffs on tailgating food that our chefs will produce, we can promise great music and fun entertainment.  This year the Muff-A-Lottas will be dancing for us.  In addition the Big Easy Roller Girls will bring their celebrity presence to the scene.  Even the Zephyrs mascot will make an appearance.

But the month also promises absinthe.  Besides  Damian Hevia’s beautiful photographs, Absinthe Visions, hanging in the photography gallery, we have a month’s worth of talks about the subject sponsored by the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities.

And we are looking forward to a very ambitious and exciting symposium in early October.  With that symposium will be a new exhibit about the Gulf of Mexico/Caribbean Basin and its food exchanges.  With a serious nod at the Deep Horizon Oil Spill and its impact this symposium will present an exciting and important perspective on current culinary matters.  In addition our Clearinghouse makes it possible for all of the researchers on the cultural impact of the Deep Horizon Oil Spill to make connections to others as well as see what others are doing.

In spite of all of the activity in August, things will be a bit more quiet behind the scenes.  We have said good-bye to interns from Yale, Duke, Tulane and France.  They were so helpful, making great advances in the exhibits, organization and identity of SoFAB.  Thanks to all of them for all of their hard work.  And click on the French flag on our website and read about us in French!

I hope to see all of you on August 8.


Liz Williams is the Director of the Southern Food and Beverage Museum


Director’s Desk: April Happenings

April 1, 2010

by Liz Williams

April is a really special month for us at SoFAB.  We have a wonderful event on Easter that allows us to Drink Well and Do Good.  And we are always ready to learn more about wine.  We are, as always, open to new materials for our archives, menus and artifacts for our collections.  And we will be celebrating a major event on April 17 with the symposium and reception in honor of the latest food issue of the Oxford American and the publication of Cornbread Nation 5.  We hope to see all of you there to participate in the discussion and meet authors and editors.

Our regular Saturday programming for April includes luminaries like Chef Gunter Preuss, a showing of Raised on Rice and Gravy, and Chef Carolyn Shelton.  There is another great activity for the Teen Club.  This time they will be meeting with Judy Walker at the Kitchen Witch.  And we have the opening of the exhibit curated by students from the University of Toronto Museum Studies program:  Acadian to Cajun.  This exhibit promises to link the food of Acadia to Cajun food.  What a great exhibit.

In addition to what we have to look forward to, we have the great new artifacts that we acquired during the month of March.  We are fortunate to have borrowed great artifacts from Galatoire’s Restaurant, acquired a stunning sugar sculpture, and continue to enjoy two great photography exhibits.

Finally the room where we listen to lectures, watch demonstrations and conduct children’s programming is shaping up to be a terrific place to see kitchenware – terrific stoves, thanks to the South Bend Stove Company and others, old countertop appliances and children’s kitchen toys.  We don’t want any place in the museum to be dead space.  All of it should celebrate foodways and food and drink culture.  And we also want each visit to the museum to be one full of new discovery.  We want you to keep coming back to see a new sign, a new artifact or a new exhibit.

Thanks so much to all of you for supporting us.  Please remember that what may be junk to you could be a treasure to us.  One that we can share with all the museum’s visitors.